Academy of Computer Sciences

I’ve been coding since I got my first computer at the age of 12, starting with QBasic for DOS. I’ve tried just about every computer language out there and have been working as a highly paid professional for over a decade. I’ve worked with a lot of people who lacked certain skills which prevented them from moving up.

After mentoring over 20 colleagues, I thought it was time to build a more official training program. After interviewing some high school students about what they’re being taught, I knew it was time to start a formalized curriculum program that was practically oriented to what employers needed — Code that is clean, optimized can be utilized to generate revenue for the business,

The Academy of Computer Sciences from MASTER Digital Services was thus born in November 2018 with the goals of teaching new and experiences coders the best Standards and techniques available.

Students graduating from our program shall be reknown.

Andrew Normore, President of MASTER Digital Services and founder of the Academy of Computer Sciences.

Training for Individuals

Maybe you’ve gone to University or College for a certification in web technologies, programming, or something similar — but you’re still having a hard time finding a job in the industry?

How do you gain more experience and prove your worth to an employer? These courses are specifically designed for you to learn exactly what a business needs you to know, so they can generate revenue to pay you. It’s a win/win scenario.

These courses will pad your resume and you will have an amazing reference for the job.

Training for Businesses

Our certification courses are developed by Andrew Normore, who has spent his life understanding and building computer systems.

The courses we offer can greatly enhance your business by strengthening and certifying your employees knowledge and practical skills.

These courses are design to be short and to the point, teaching the skills required to improve your business right away.